We are a Fever...We ain't born typical

Tiffany// North Carolina// Instagram: bitterbeauty// kik: CoyStrayCat

"Nothing really bothers her. She just wants to love herself " Instagram

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where-is-alice-in-wonderland asked: hey, I know it's a little bit annoying but could you have a look at my page on facebook just type in Lucy Graves photography and see what you think, give me some feedback in a message and give it a like? would mean a lot :)

I liked the page! Good stuff! :)

e.l.f. make up haul. Im really excited about the all over face sticks (they can be used on the lips, eyes and cheeks). #elf #makeup #haul #makeuphaul #shopping #bronzer #blush #facepowder #lipgloss #highlighter